Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pause Before Buying

Okay, I'm taking a breather.

I got all the new characters started, with backgrounds.  Some are selecting spells, some sage abilities, some weapons, some are waiting for a pricing table.

I worked about 10 continuous hours yesterday and almost 9 today.  Wednesday and Thursday are best for me.  I have half a day of the next five going forward, so I won't have all this time.  But the main thing is getting all the players busy.

Everyone, look for pricing lists tomorrow.  The Senex campaign will not be starting in the Donbass, but in the Greek Islands . . . but will probably be moving towards the Donbass at some point.  I'll be providing a price list for the market of Syros ~ everyone, including Kismet, Sophia and Enrico, should assume they have an opportunity to go shop there; we can assume these three will meet Yuliya and Ibrahim there.

The Juvenis campaign will be buying goods in Stavanger, of course.

Please, everyone provide the information for your characters that's needed so we can keep moving forward.  There will be time to hesitate and question your market purchases on the weekend.

Also, I know that most campaigns need some complicated reason why a bunch of strangers group together to become a party.  I don't think this odd at all.  People meet, they hit it off right away, they all have similar interests and they thrown in together.  Happens all the time.  We don't need a special reason.

I don't know if I will have a reason to talk to the players on this blog again.  I may write a post for general interest, talking about the process of making so many characters and such ~ but I have found in the past that readers don't actually have much to say about that.

One player asked if I could set up a place where the would-be players can begin to chat and get to know each other.  I suggest using this post.  I'll take down the moderation until tomorrow morning ~ which might be interesting.  All sorts of riff-raff and such could get in here!


Tim said...

I'm pumped! Thanks for all the hard work, Alexis. Take your well-deserved rest.

Dani Osterman said...

Indeed. Thank you, Alexis for all of your work today. I'm excited to see the table tomorrow and get kitted out!

On a slightly related note, Hi! My name is Dani, and I'm playing in the younger campaign.

Shelby Urbanek said...

Yes indeed it has been a whirlwind of a couple of days! I too am certainly excited to see it all come together so quickly, and am looking forward to running with you all. Thank you, Alexis for this opportunity and for all your hard work, not just over the last two days, but all of it building such a meaningful world over the years. I feel very fortunate to have this chance to participate in it.

And a particular greeting to Dani and the rest of the crew in the Juvenis campaign from Lothar! Any thoughts yet as to what we might do to make some coin?

Rowan said...

Arduin checking in, to say how pumped I am to get to play.

With any luck, I'll live long enough to erect a Henge!

Aleksandra Ivanovna said...

A henge. That's an excellent initial goal. Perhaps we could repurpose a fairy ring over in Britain/Ireland?

WRT coin, Stavanger is right next to at least a dozen small islands. I'm sure there's something nasty lurking out there that we could find. As 1 of two assassins, I would also be quite down staking out the wealthiest citizens of Stavanger and arranging accidents...

Rowan said...

I'm all for robbing the rich and giving to the us.

I can navigate, one of us has a boat. We'll be the terror of the fjords!
Tucked in the many inlets, we'll have a roaming supply base from which to strike at our foes!

The infrastructure in this area is insanely low from what I remember when I toyed around in Stavanger and Bergen two years ago for my own game. There will be no shortage of wilderness in which to hunt and hide.

Basically, you can condense my entire comment into the phrase

"This gon' be good."

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I'd like to chime in to say thank you for all the work as well!

Maxwell Joslyn said...

We have two assassins, a druid, a cleric, and a ranger. Between us we are a buccaneer, a fence, a holy man, a gambler, a horse trainer, a stargazer, a prize-winning axe thrower, an extremely good dancer ... I think we have all the makings of a solid crew! And I'm excited to play a character alongside all of you players.

Thanks Alexis for volunteering all this time of yours. You were up front about it being 10 hours of work for 90 minutes of online play and that's hugely generous.

Lothar Svensson said...

Hunting and hiding... There will be I'm sure some exotic pelts and hides to find out there and bring to the city folk

Drain said...

Yes, thank you for your time and dedication! Always heartwarming to see someone devote us his time of day and oil of midnight. We will make it worth your while.

Greetings too to my fellow players! Looking forward to see what we can collectively come up with!

Oddbit said...

That moment when you debate whether selling your wool underpants for silk ones might make you money ;)

Aleksandra Ivanovna said...

Oh, the luxury of wool or cotton loincloths! Some of us must make do with cotton!

Jonathon said...

It's funny: the thoroughness of the trade system has actually made me more anxious to get in motion now that I've made my purchases. With my purse so flat and my supplies now quantified I find myself wondering what I can make as a day laborer, what the laws in Sykos are regarding busking, and other such entry-level paths to financial solvency.