Friday, October 2, 2015


Well, this didn't take long.  Largely because there is so little historical information about Burma online (due to it being run by a fanatical, murderous, highly ignored by the West government that may be supported by the C.I.A. to enable them to obtain large quantity drugs they can sell in the U.S. in order to support their actions without needing to go to Congress - or so I've been told).

Enjoyed this.  Not sure what part of the world to do next.  I may, for fun, work on the source of the Nile.  No good reason, but what the hell.

The wiki has information for the Map Key. Updated sheet maps on the wiki can be found here:

F 12 - Namkin
G 14 - Irrawaddy
G 15 - Laos
H 16 - Andaman Sea
H 17 - Gulf of Siam