Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Market Research Updated Again

In case anyone thought the last post meant I was going to be months before I posted again, no.  It's only that it's hard to write about D&D if I'm not working on D&D.  But I'll catch my breath in a few days.

Meanwhile regarding the title of my book-in-progress, The Killing Bequest, I'm putting up a little survey - market research.  If the reader is willing, please give me a hand with it.  It is set up to allow more than one answer.


Now that the poll has been in place about 10 hours, let's presume the reader wants to open the book and look at the front page.

Here is the text that appears on the first page of the book:

Would you turn the page?


After a comment from Hodge Dunkin, I went to look at what sort of fonts might be available for a cover idea I have . . . and this is why fonts are both fun and why we should stay the bloody hell away from them.  Otherwise, we'll come up with something like this: