Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gone to Ground


In early 2012, I began updating all my maps to a later version of Microsoft's Publisher program - and as of yesterday, I completely finished that upgrade.  This link on the wiki includes all the sheet maps of my world that I have either finished or are upon the edges of what I've finished, from the Andaman Islands in the East to the western shore of Spain.  72 maps altogether.

Here is a list of links for the latest updated maps, that were not included when I wrote about this a bit more than a month ago:

G 06 - Nubia
G 07 - Arabia
G 08 - Empty Quarter
G 09 - Oman
G 10 - Gujarat
G 11 - Maharashtra
G 12 - Orissa
G 13 - Bengal
G 14 - Irrawaddy

H 08 - Ethiopia
H 09 - Horn of Africa
H 10 - Socotra
H 11 - Arabian Sea
H 12 - Ladshadweep
H 13 - Madurai
H 14 - East Ceylon
H 15 - Bay of Bengal
H 16 - Andaman Sea

Two of the maps - the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal - are merely hexes containing water and no land at all. They are included as placeholders.

I know that I haven't been writing much on the blog lately. Call it my going to ground, just for the time being. On days when I've had energy, I've been working on the book. On days when I have less energy, I've been making these maps. Basically, the revamp of the maps is little more than retracing the coasts, rivers, roads and so on with new, upgraded lines and colors. But that is all done now and I'm glad. Going forward, the maps I'll be posting on the wiki and on this blog will all be new, created since this time.

For no reason at all, I've been doing preliminary work on Burma.  I really should finish Morocco, which I've left half done, and the Maldives, that I've left half done, but I'm not in the mood for little tiny islands and a desert.  I'll get back to those things.

Part of the reason I do these maps, some of my long-time readers will remember, comes from wanting to look very closely at parts of the world that are obscure and to which very few people pay attention.  People think about creating a world based on France or Britain, the Middle East or the Balkans . . . but when does anyone make plans for a world based on Burma?  Or Ethiopia, which I may take up next?  Who thinks of the Canary Islands or Eastern Siberia?

I'd like to think there are Japanese and Indian players of D&D (who I get page views occasionally) who do think about those places.  I would love to see some of the work they do, what they've designed for lairs and caves, what sort of monsters they create.  But, of course, the small table of people playing this weekend in Chiang Mai in Thailand don't speak English and they don't read my blog.  I bet, however, that they play some sort of role-playing game.

That's just speculation.  Good 'ol JB in Paraguay never seems to mention (at least I've never read him mention it) the group of Spanish speaking players occupying themselves with some sort of weird Colonial RPG based on the reclamation of South America by Incans . . . Asuncion has a population of over 500,000 and of course it's impossible for him to have met everyone.  I'd like to think this game isn't a first-world phenomenon.  I mean, who knows how many people in Kenya are playing D&D right now?

Well, sorry I'm not writing much.  I'll be getting my wind back from having to do physical labour day-in and day-out when once upon a time I use to sit on my comfortable ass in a comfortable office writing my comfortable blog posts between five minute spans of actually doing work for twice the pay I'm earning right now.  Then I'll post more often.

I hope all my readers are doing well.