Sunday, August 23, 2015

Offer on the Table

This is a bad idea.  But I said that about the online campaign, which turned out to be a pretty good idea, so . . .

The wiki has reached 795 pages as of today.  As it grows, I find myself getting more and more distant from things that I put up two years ago - forgetting that I made pages or about rules that I've since gotten rid of.  Not to mention that there are hundreds of little spelling mistakes and typos throughout the wiki and potential links and back-links that could make navigation way easier.

I'd love it if sourcing out the mistakes that need correction could be done through the blog . . . but alas, I posted about the wiki's combat system and didn't get a single response to my point about errors.  I blame no one.  But it does make it plain that what's needed is another person to help me run down these things and fix them.  Someone dedicated, who feels it is worth their time and who wants to feel proud about it.

The wiki does allow me to designate another user.  It lets me track what the user would do and it lets me correct any deletions that might be made . . . so there's little danger that a person could come in and randomly delete a lot of material without my learning about it.  Even if another person decided to deface an article, there are ways to restore that article and then remove the user.

I like that these protections exist.

I am wondering, however, if anyone would like to be that user?

Certainly, it's time spent and trouble and the user would have to deal with me.  Plus, no one is getting paid, certainly not me.  All I can offer is some name recognition, responsibility and the possibility of a user contributing their own work.  And of course bragging rights.  If that counts for anything.

There are some requirements.  You have to be a regular commenter on this blog.  I have to know you.  I think that at least five intelligent comments would be a minimum.

I would have to know your real name.  Sorry.  My real name is out there for all to see.  I wouldn't need to put your real name on the web, no!  But I'd have to know it and I'd have to have a phone number plus whatever else that proves you're the person you claim to be.  That's a deal breaker.  I want evidence.  I'm taking a chance of someone hacking the wiki, which is proving to be a great success (1350 page views yesterday, usually 350-500 every day).  I don't want that fouled up.  I'm quite sure that everyone going to the wiki and liking it doesn't want it fouled up, either.

Anyway, the offer is on the table.  I expect crickets.  There's room for more than one additional user, so no one is competing for a slot - but I do have to have some previous idea of who you are and what you believe.

Up for it?