Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I imagine for a few weeks I'm going to buzzing on the blog about the Wiki.  All four users are aboard and already it is clear that the participants are getting their feet wet.  I can see it is going to be a real challenge to keep up once they hit their stride, as changes start coming in by the minute.  But then, for those readers who may wonder what to do when the Wiki is not updating . . .

Maybe that won't be the case.  Perhaps one day it will always be updating.

I want to sincerely dedicate this post to Byrhtnoth, jerscott, MaxwellJoslyn and SimonTVesper, listed alphabetically.  Youse guys, youse guys . . . yoor da best.

Keep an eye on the home page as members decide whether or not to make their own space, and always on the recent changes page, also shown in the side bar.

Praise and applause are great, no question about it.  But it is far, far better when someone picks up a shovel and starts working along side us.  The feeling of not being alone, of being part of an effort, changes an ordinary task into a pleasure.  The best praise, the best applause, is involvement.

These volunteers deserve all the muster from myself that I can give.


Jeremiah Scott said...

I'm really excited to dig into this. It is going to be great!

Tim said...

Hip hip hooray! The Wiki Campaign begins! ;)