Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Deep Desert

I am beat.

I was hoping yesterday or today to write something about rules for crossing deserts, since one contingent of my offline party has decided to quest into the Sahara desert for a strange object they heard about last year - an ever-cold icicle that never melts, that will alter the temperature for miles around.  The 11th level druid wants it so he can hatch the remoraz egg he collected some five years ago, which remains unhatched because it requires continuous exposure to extreme cold.  Why he wants to hatch it, no one knows, but he would rather stumble around in the Sahara than sit for some undetermined time in Greenland.  That way, he can raise the egg in the comparative comfort of Transylvania.

Just now, they've begun making their way from the Nile River at Minya westward towards a region called Kufra - which they know to be occupied by humans of the Jewish faith.  All they know for sure is that they're looking for a place either called Zella, Zelia or Zaila.  As they go, their guide and others they met on Saturday have let them know about a few odd and strange races out there in the desert - creatures who wrap their putrefying skin in bandages (who are not undead), dog-men (whom the party has decided are probably Jackalwere) and humanoids called the dijang.  It is all strange and uncertain and I am loving that the universe in the deep desert is nothing like what they've seen already.

The end of the running left the party preparing for combat against fifty undead camels that are shuffling towards their oasis in the dead of night.  They have no idea what sort of undead, except that they smell horribly, or where they've come from.

The battle promises to be most satisfying.

Sorry, however, I did not have the energy to write down some of the simple desert rules I began running.  Probably won't have time this week.  As I said, I'm beat.

Oh, and I've written a post for the other blog.

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