Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Glad I Left That Door Open

Yesterday, I described 'mental development' in training as a black hole, expressing my uncertainty about how to handle it or if I intended to handle it at all.

I guess I changed my mind.  Looking for a word that actually existed in the 17th century, when my world takes place, I altered the category name to Empowerment and wrote a pair of amateur abilities for it.  I'm pleased, for it gives me some good ideas with what to do with the ability at higher knowledge levels.

It's something that would obviously be part of the monk's sage abilities, should I ever get that far in this lengthy but interesting process.


  1. Looks like a typo on the page for Affirmation.

    "A character that affirmed against a fireball would not be similarly protected against any other magical attack, such as a lightning bolt or a fireball."

    It would be cool if outside users could propose edits to your wiki thru a built in system, even if just to squash minor errors. Obviously you would have to approve changes - Wikipedia has anti-troll moderators, but you don't.

  2. I would have to give someone else the passcode, Maxwell. Wikispaces does have a system that anything that was deleted would still be in the system for 30 days, so a stranger couldn't completely screw me, but I don't know if I want to be spending my time policing; plus there's a chance I'd miss a deletion for 30 days.

    But, there is also a notification system, in the form of recent changes; which anyone can see, so if someone randomly started screwing with stuff, everyone on line would see it.

    Perhaps you'd like to give membership a try?


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