Friday, June 12, 2015

The Grand Duchy of Moscovy

I had originally expected to have this done by Monday or Tuesday . . . but as I have more time on my hands now, the gentle reader gets it today.  As promised, I was working on Moscovy:

A completely readable version can be found here.
A description of the grand duchy can be found on the wiki.

Moscovy is much larger than any of the previous regions that I've done for the wiki in this style.  For one thing, it sprawls over a thousand hexes and contains 26 separate divisions.  More than that, however, to make this particular entity fit into the D&D world I've created is excessively tricky.  The real Russia in 1650 stretched right across Siberia and had successfully smashed through the lands I've designated to gnomes, orcs, half-orcs, ogres, norkers, bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins and even trolls.  I did not want to throw history completely out the window - but at the same time I had to make some pretty big changes to alter the whole western side of the Urals to make my world 'fit.'

My solution?  Well, if you know Russian history, the description of the 14th century on the wiki is going to make your eyebrows achieve lift off.  I cannot help it - I just don't want to give the tale away.  In effect, I've managed to manufacture an alternative 15th - 17th history for Russia on the order of proposing that the American South won the civil war.

I wonder how many readers will see it immediately.  I also wonder how many will recognize how hard I worked to retain as much actual history as I could manage.

Well, enjoy.  My next task will be to finally write on Tim's five points, followed by answering a question on taxes that Barrow recently asked.  I will attempt to get to both those things this evening.