Friday, October 10, 2014

Vacation Eve

I am starting a vacation tomorrow - my last vacation that I'm getting from my present company.  I have, at most, three months left at this position and then I am cheerfully out the door.  To be completely honest, I am happy to get the fuck out of TV.

A print job is unlikely.  Print is dead.  So I will probably be managing a data base somewhere, for someone, about something.  Hopefully for a much smaller company, where managers can use the word 'bad' as opposed to 'not good' and where they can use the word 'fired' as opposed to 'sunsetted.' Small companies, I find, can afford to be honest about their disapproval.  I could stand a little honesty.

Chances are that because I have more time, I will post less.  I usually dig deep into my world or my writing during vacations, happily investing myself for twelve to fourteen hours at a stretch - this is how I get many of the big tasks done.  I'll post a video tonight on youtube starting off the trade series, eat some turkey on the weekend (we have Thanksgiving at the height of fall in Canada) and then dig into the rework of my distance calculation table.  Yay, number crunching.

Seriously, I get obsessed with such things.

I'd add something else, but for the moment I'm out of topics.  Anyone got any ideas?  I could answer questions.  That would probably use up some of the day.