Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Done Deal. I'll Do It.

Very well, I shall make the videos.  Apparently, there ARE quite a few of you out there interested.  I'm actually quite happy to hear it - so I shall do the best job I can with the material.

I feel that rushing would not be the best tactic, so let me warn all of you:  I'm going to pace myself and try to cover every little detail down to the bottom of the well - I hope you don't find it gets to be too much.  Sometimes I really wonder about myself.

Yesterday I set up the map for the port cities along the French, Belgian and German coasts and felt a little green at the work involved in making the trade routes - but, after all, it's still less than the Mediterranean was.  It's all just a matter of digging in and doing it.

I shall strive to have the first video ready to launch come the weekend.  Thanks to all of your for your terrific support!

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