Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flooded But Not Underwater

17 hours ago.
Let me start by saying that I'm fine.  There are those of you who may have heard, the city of Calgary, where I live, has large parts underwater.  There are many who have been severely hit.  Calgary consists of two escarpments looking down at a large river valley, and those in the southeast of the city - the last corner of the city to be developed, for good reason - have been most affected.  I live on the edge of one of the escarpments, hundreds of feet above the river, and where I am there's no sign of anything being different.  There are places where there is no power; many industries and places are closed more for lack of power than for flooding.  My place of employment is fine, but turned off at the moment.  Don't know how this next week is going to play out.

I heard there was a rush on stores, but as I said on my facebook, there's plenty of food.  I was there Saturday morning, right after the crest, and there were no line-ups, no panicked people, plenty of food on the shelves, and hardly any sign that something had happened.  Some of the junk food was scant, but that was all.

It's funny; Canadians have a sort of idea that whatever the problem, the government will ultimately step in and fix it.  I'm sure even if we were actually in trouble, the food stores would still be accessible.  If food ran out, the government would supply it (that's the thought process, any way).  No question.  Whether this is true or not is debatable, but all the conversations I've had, near and far from the actual site of the flood, has been calm, mild concern.  Even the press has trouble making it seem horrible, and you'll notice a lack of crying, freaked out people.

Whatever happens, I'll be at home tomorrow, trying to make arrangements perhaps to take off some time or have access to the restricted in-house system I usually work with.  I do expect to still restart my online campaign - I may even have more time than I expected.

See?  Everyone's smiling.


Maximillian said...

Glad to hear you're doing ok, I hope your city rebounds quickly.

JDJarvis said...

Got trapped in my neighborhood once when there were floods in my. Town it's a little surprising when you can't drive away.
Hope you and your neighbors weather everything the flooding brings.