Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Even Crazier

Okay, I must be getting delirious.

Let's say, for the present, no money (what the hell, I don't need to be poorer).

Let's suppose you submit a character, very simple, along the lines of the stats produced on this post.

Every other round, one new player starts at the beginning of this map:

Orange = Level 1; Green = Level 2; Red (left side) = Level 3;
Purple = Level 4; Red (right side) = Level 5; Blue = Level 6

You get a two round head start.  You can run, you can wait for the next person ... or you can enter one of the rooms.

Everyone is first level, so ... a die is rolled on the 1st level monster table from the DMG, and whatever appears, that number of monsters is in that room.  If I roll orcs and you're on the second level, you get 2 orcs.  If on the fourth level, 4 orcs.  All combat in the rooms is straight rolling - enter, roll surprise, attack goes to whoever is not surprised, then roll initiative, then fight until you're stunned (still my general combat system) or killed.  Others can run in and help you.  Others can run in and try to kill you (they can try to kill you in the halls, too).  If you want to leave a room where the monster isn't dead, you make a wisdom check and if you succeed, you leave.

Rooms have 250 g.p. treasure per level; I'll make up a % chance for magic items.  You heal 5 hp per round in the Kitchen and Laboratory; you can buy armor (Player's handbook prices x5) in the Armory.  All rooms, including the Start room, are safe non-combat zones.  I'll take other ideas for other zones.

Pretty much as many who want can play.

How stupid is this?