Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eastern Europe - Political

For no reason at all, except that I finished it Tuesday, my most recent map:

Brandenburg (upper left pink); Bohemia (middle left purple);
Habsburg Empire (middle left orange); Venice (bottom left violet);
Ottoman Empire (lower yellow); Transylvania (middle right brown);
Hungary (center blue); Poland (upper green); plus lesser states.

The many channels in the Pripyet marshes can be seen upper right.
The Danube river flows through the lower half.  The top of the
Adriatic Sea shows in the bottom left corner.

They don't harness many comments, but I can't help wanting to post these maps once they're made.


Jonathon said...

For what it's worth, I always find them interesting as I recognize the larger historical states but often have never heard of the smaller ones and it can be fun to go find out about them.

For example, what's the tiny sea-green state in eastern Bohemia there? I can't make it out.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I think you mean the Duchy of Carnovia (Krnov), which in 1650 were held by Liechtenstein - or so I understand it.

Now and then I made efforts to simplify, so the states appear more globular than they are historically - and you'll note, Troppau is technically in Opava, and there's no Krnov on the map. But as I've always argued, this is my D&D world, not actual history. I did research all the cities that actually appear ... and I liked the name 'Carnovia' to describe the small area better than Opava. Also, while Troppau was called Opava, it wasn't after 1620.

The Wikipedia page for Krnov makes reference to Raciborz ... on the map, that's Ratibor, just near Carnovia.

Jonathon said...

Marvelous, thank you. So it's part of a pretty heavily-contended-for part of the world around your time frame, it looks like: claims, counter-claims, renounced claims...

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes. It was impossible, really, to sort it out from Wikipedia ... which in fact disagreed as I went along with itself (naturally, hundreds of documenters with agendas) ... and which has updated many times since I originally did the research.

jbeltman said...

We probably don't comment because we are speechless. I love them. The red lines are the main roads right? The cities with no roads connecting them and not on a river would have minor roads connecting them right?


Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, jbeltman,

The roads would manifest for all locations the way described in the Mapping Garalzapan's Land video.