Monday, November 21, 2011

Subscriptions Are What They Are

People are telling me that the reason my subscribers are not appearing is because I'm not doing enough hard selling.

Selling is not my favorite thing. Urging people to buy against their will, or coming up with reasons for them to buy against their will, has always seemed sleazy and underhanded. It would be like hitting the little 'Adsense' button on the blog ... even though I'm getting constant messages now that I could be earning money with the present traffic here.

However, I will acquiesce to my friends who want to see me do well. Here is a list of the new material I sent out to subscribers this month:

A Character Generation table
Population Demographics for the D&D professions, along with typical inhabitants
The publisher file for my Conflict Cards
Updates on maps and other previous files.
Vegetation and political versions for some maps.
The Publisher file for the Stable conflict on my Campaign blog.
The Publisher file showing how I made the shadows on my combat simulation last Spring.
A spellbook calculator
A thieving skills calculator
A character skills calculator

As I said, my subscribers are happy.

Join them. It's only a hundred dollars. You've spent a hundred dollars on really stupid things before.

1 comment:

perdustin said...

I wouldn't call this a hard sell. You're letting potential subscribers know what they're getting. I think that's the least you should do.