Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Note To My Readers

Yes, it's true.  Since last week it seems that this blog has been all about the subscription and the data I'm providing off line, and I don't doubt there's a little unhappiness about that.  But the gentle reader must admit, if people have given me a sum of money, I am somewhat beholden towards servicing the needs of those people, at least as far as my responsibilities demand.  And if there hasn't been more general information here in a week, well, I could just as easily have not posted at all, right?  Quite a lot of blogs take a week or a month off, and I haven't done anything like that.

But I would like to reassure my loyal readers that I am here and I haven't made any plans to stop blogging about all the things I typically blog about.  I came within a hair's breath of finishing India last night, with plans to publish it today ... but the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta proved more daunting than I expected and at 11:00 PM last night I knocked off.  I don't know if I can finish today, but I'll post the whole map of the area this week.

I'm up to writing a post about Gunpowder for my civ IV technology posts, and I meant to write something general about the online campaign - which is also content I'm adding to the Internet daily, I hasten to add.  I also have plans for one other thing ... if I dare do it.  So all I can say is please be patient, don't lose faith, the blog and my interest in communicating about D&D to the general readership has not been compromised.

I can't help wanting to share everything, however, and if people are willing to pay for the gritty in depth stuff, who am I not to take advantage of that?  I've been working hard at this hobby for more than 30 years, and I don't know any craftsperson anywhere who doesn't start to think eventually that it might be worth putting a few things on a table at a flea market.

Finally, one special note to the happy, wonderful people at YDIS who eagerly anticipate my being diagnosed with cancer.  A hooker will charge you $100 to fuck you.  I would be happy to offer the same service.

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JDJarvis said...

Post as you will, it's your blog. Anyone who doesn't like that little truism can just save themselves a lot of anguish and ignore your posts.