Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ah, India

And don't it look weird:

A Land of Silly Putty

The bizarre appearance is, as ever, the distortion of flattening the northern hemisphere into a hex disc, caused by strange things like shortening the circumference from pi to 3 times the diameter.  It also helps to remember that the direction North is somewhere at the top left of the above, and not the centre top, which is typical of maps.

All I care about is that it is a standardized reckoning within my world in every capacity, in playability, in representation, in comparison to other regions world-wide, and of course my trade table.

Getting this done feels like a tremendous weight off me.  I actually started India about three years ago, then stopped to do other regions, leaving it half done.  That proved to be a mistake.  I changed certain aspects of my mapping in 2009, and since that happened I practically had to do all that I had done before one more time.  So for me, this is a map done with one and a half times the work shown.  Feels good to have that all finished and sorted out at last.  There's still the Maldives and Laccadive islands to do, and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands too, but they wouldn't look good on the blog anyway - they're too small.

The map shown is a collection of 14 separate sections that I've been working on a couple of months now (which is why some labels appear twice, and why there's a pink glitch in the middle of Nepal ... colored on one map and not on the other - has to be fixed).  Some of these, as they were previously, can be found on the Wiki, linked on the right hand side.

The strange twist on the right is the 90th parallel, that forces the map to 'turn the corner,' as I have described elsewhere on this blog.  It was unfortunate that the turn went right through the middle of the the Bengal delta of the Ganges from the left and the Brahmaputra, which swings out of Tibet (where it hasn't been drawn in) at the top of the map and then down into India.  That too makes the map look weird.  This is the first large area I've done that's this close to the equator.  I begin to wonder how this will make Indonesia look.

Well, the map speaks for everything else, so I'll shut up.

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Dave Cesarano said...

Wow. This is damn cool. I definitely dig it. I love maps and I really enjoy seeing how you did this one up. It is definitely sweet.