Monday, March 14, 2011

Wiki, March 14, 2011

Here offered are again the paltry totals for this week's usable work.  It's rather sad to see at the end of seven days how little I manage to put together ... too much time playing video games and having sex, I suppose.  Still, we do what we can.

For spells this week, I took on a few that required a little more than average work to get the language just right.  Those spells would be monster summoning I, monster summoning II and phantasmal force.  As can be seen, only three spells this week.  Regarding the last, since no one is ever really clear what was meant by the spell back in the day ... I like phantasmal force, but creating exact limits on what it can do has always been a source for contention.  This description, now updated, seems to work.

The two monster summoning spells do beg the question (in regards to the creatures appearing whereever the caster likes within the spell range):  can monster summoning be used for spot bombing?  That is, if I'm on a great height, looking over the edge, can I create goblins (or whatever appears) ten feet in front of me, so they rain down onto the earth below, reaching maximum velocity and such?

I can't see why not.  Summoning spells are minimum 3rd level.

Because I was trying to get back into the swing of things after two weeks of being sick, I settled on calculating land areas and population statistics for a few regions.  So, three cities lists:  Genoa, Sardinia, and a group of smaller states starting with F to M.

And this is all from me.  I will try, honestly, to work on the combat rules for next week, and I should think about working on my monster lists again.  I've been thinking since starting the spell lists that I should just go ahead and do them all ... even those which I haven't really changed from the original books.  I wonder if WOTC would bother to sue.


C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

How do you handle the Quipper, Floating Eye, Small Barracuda? Going with the Quipper (as the most complex), is it that at 6th level you don't get an extra one at all, then at 7th you'd have one extra, at 8th, two, at 9th, three, and then at 10th skipping again? Or would you get most of one at 6th, 1 1/2 at 7th, etc?

Alexis said...


Your first assumption is correct. You would not get a bonus quipper at 6th, and at 7th you'd get one extra, and so on.

Carl said...

WotC may send you a cease and desist, but I think they're only concerned about 4th edition stuff.

Talk to an IP lawyer.

The Rubberduck said...

Hmm.. shouldn't the "Added" number for Ixitxachit be ½? Or is it the example that is wrong?

Alexis said...

You're right, Rubberduck; the Ixitxachitl should be 1/2. It's an error. I'll fix it when the opportunity allows.

I sincerely like a keen eye. Thank you.