Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Create A Table For Use In Blogger

1) create the table in Excel.

2) copy the part of the spreadsheet you wish to post and paste that part into Paint.  By putting white space around the spreadsheet portion you wish to keep, it makes the table neater.

3) clean up the edges of the new image in Paint to your satisfaction.

4) save as a jpeg.

5) import jpeg image in Blogger.



greebs said...

I have to say, this seemed way too simple, and I was not a believer - but I just tested it - and it's actually really solid. If you can use a photo editor that lets you set the exact width, it's obviously even better. Thanks for the tip - so easy I hadn't even thought of it!

Arduin said...

Actually, I've already thanked you for posting that in the comments of my own blog, but I'll do so again here.

Thank you for pointing this out.

As a rank amateur, it was helpful.

Even if now I'm smacking my forehead at how obvious it is.