Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Something I love about the online campaign ... I do tend to create my campaign as I go along, describing the interior of a particular inn, giving it a name, the moment it is found.  I don't have a list for those things ahead of time, but they come dribbling out of me constantly in every running.

But with the online runnings, there is a record ... so that if the party ever goes back to the town, I can look up to see what features I gave that town on the spur of the moment.

It's a shame this is impractical do to during a normal D&D running - it's too fast moving, and even if I videotaped myself, it wouldn't be something I'd want to spend hours combing through.

Another reason I need tons of money for a secretary.


Anonymous said...

I have this very concern going into my first campaign as DM. My girlfriend, who will be playing her first RPG with us, has graciously offered to take notes while she plays (she went to Rice, so she's good at school-like stuff).

I also have been looking into using a program like Masterplan to detail a great deal of things ahead of time, if possible. Or at the very least, convert her notes into details in case we ever return to a location or run into an NPC again.

Blair said...

I know your pain! Damn my disorganized stack of illegible session notebooks...

PatrickW said...

I've tried to scribble that stuff down for session recaps, which I then post on Obsidian Portal. THEN I go and create links to the wiki and dump stuff there for my own reference.

So far - about 50-50 on NPCs (mostly names and maybe a sentence about why they are significant). Slightly less on actual locations. Need to get better about that.

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