Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Traditional Maps

Things have been busy today, what with people coming in and out and getting ready for job interviews, so the gentle reader will have to make do with a map.  I prepared this ahead of time, knowing that there'd come a day when posting was difficult, just so there'd be something special about it.

We begin with an ordinary, nothing new map from me, in this case of the eastern Alps and the northern Balkans.  It shares all the characteristics of most of my maps, being based on elevation, with notes for the feet above sea level and for small numbers next to the rivers to give a note as to their size.

But just for fun, let's render the map again, emphasizing the borders of the kingdoms, and getting rid of the many notations I usually add.  This should look pretty much like maps you saw in schools.  I want to emphasize that this is the same map, showing very nearly the same part of the world.  The yellow is Hungary, the green the Ottoman Empire, the purple is the Hapsburg Empire, the little bit of pink at the top is Bohemia and the brown at the bottom is part of Venice.  There is a small dark blue area, the Bishopric of Friesing (it got cut off in the format change), which is under the suzerainty of Bavaria.  The light blue area is obviously the sea - the Adriatic Sea.

That should give something to ponder.


Wilson Theodoro said...

Wich year this map represents?

Alexis said...

As close to 1650 as I could get

Wilson Theodoro said...

This map reminds a lot of Europa Universalis II. Very good work of yours.