Friday, February 20, 2009

"Tiberius" Adelbert Volkmann

STR: 16
INT: 14
WIS: 11
CON: 11
DEX: 13
CHR: 11

HP: 11
X.P. needed to advance: 4,501

Adelbert does not know his place of birth. He has vague recollections of his mother, who was a prostitute in the city of Pecuy, in Hungary, when young Adelbert was hardly eight years old. In 1622, his mother and her young son fled Hungary to escape the punishment of Pecuy by the Ottoman Turks, whom members of the city had dared to resist. After many long weeks in a cart, travelling with gypsies, mother and child suffered from exposure while crossing the forest frontier of western Hungary and into Austria. The mother grew very sick and did not recover. She died, leaving Adelbert without any family in the world.

Found by a royal gamekeeper, Adelbert was taken in as a stable boy in the manor of the Baron von Furstenfeld. This began the turning of Adelbert’s life. It was discovered that he was a quick study, and the resident sage in the manor took an interest in him. The boy excelled at both weapons and books, and soon was given the opportunity to be trained at both.

For many years Adelbert remained in the House of Furstenfeld--eventually rising to the keeper of the accounts. (During that time, he discovered a 30% chance of picking pockets). As both a mage and a fighter he excelled. He spent many months of each year in the large city of Graz, where he would meet quite a lot of ladies.

For there is something odd about Adelbert’s physiology. Women find him fascinating. They constantly flirt with him, for reasons unknown; all too often Adelbert has been inclined to take advantage of this strange happenstance. Once too often, at least.

For he was caught in the arms of the wife of a council member in Graz, who was distantly related and connected to the Royal Hapsburg Family, rulers in Austria. Adelbert escaped certain execution; and through his connections he was able to obtain a writ of passage in Bavaria, now in his possession, which enables him to be exempt from inquiry by petty officials within the Duchy of Bavaria. He now uses the name “Tiberius.” Yet he knows he has a sworn enemy who continues to seek revenge for the wrong done to him.

Although he can not know it, Adelbert was born on July 11, 1613, and is 37 years old. He stands six-foot-one and weighs 177 lbs. When he was 14, he fell into the Baron’s eel pond and was bitten many times, only barely surviving death. But since then, he has a strong resistance to poisonous fish (-3 to damage incurred).

He has 120 g.p. in his pocket.

Tiberius' Spellbook:

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Joseph said...

Say one thing for Adelbert, say he's a bastard. In more ways than one.