Friday, February 20, 2009

Josef Mieszko

STR: 16
INT: 8
WIS: 15
CON: 14
DEX: 13
CHR: 13

HP: 10

Josef Mieszko was born in the Sudetes Mountains (‘mountains of the wild boars’) west of Glatz, in the tiny Duchy of Glatz. His father, still living, is a teamster who hauls wood from the highlands into the valley of the Klodzka River. Josef’s mother and all four grandparents are also all alive, and Josef is the favorite child of both his immediate and extended family. Josef is the eldest of four; his younger siblings include a brother and two sisters.

The Mieszko clan have long been fomenters of hatred against the Bishopric of Olmutz, who holds monarchical power in the Duchy, and have always embraced the ancient pagan beliefs of their ancestors--Slavic mythology. The family struggled to find the money to send Josef to the Lobau College, a quietly subversive school which teaches from the ancient texts under the noses of the Princes of Saxony. Josef was released from the school at the age of 20. His family is very proud.

Born on February 4, 1629, Josef has always had a remarkably high metabolism, accounting for his gaunt 134 lbs. despite his six-foot-one frame. The overall impression is not improved by his markedly bucked teeth. But he’s a quick, friendly fellow and makes friends easily (charisma 13).

At a young age, Josef spent a summer with an uncle who travelled south to Italy to collect snakes for sale to various spell casters in Lower Silesia. From the experience, Josef gained a tolerance for snake venom (-3 to damage caused by snake venom). He also learned quickness, which gives Josef a +3 bonus when attacking from behind instead of a +2. Josef also learned much about pack animals from his father, and his affinity for horses, mules and donkeys gives those animals a +1 bonus to morale when in Josef’s care.

Over the last six months, Josef has been wending his way south for his own reasons, enjoying his first few months of freedom in over six years. He turned 21 exactly three months ago, this now being May 4, 1650.

He has 20 g.p. in his pocket.


Josef Mieszko said...

wundervoller Anfang!

Alexis said...

All information comes from about 12 die rolls. I just create a story that ties all the pieces together.

Josef Mieszko said...

A question.
One cannot memorize the the same spell twice. Is it OK memorize a spell and also it's reversed form (say Cause Fear/Remove Fear)?

Alexis said...

"Is it OK memorize a spell and also it's reversed form (say Cause Fear/Remove Fear)?"


But when you memorize the spell, you may cast either the positive or reversed form at will.

Josef Mieszko said...

OK. Also - having now read the PHB you sent - I am assuming that the Combine spell can only be used with clerics of the same faith, yes?

Alexis said...

Cha betcha.