Monday, April 17, 2017

Top Ten Posts in Place

On the sidebar, the reader will see that I have created a list for the top ten posts, as voted on by the readers.  I'm going to remove the poll as soon as I publish this - but I wanted to take time to thank everyone who helped choose the 54 titles for the poll and for voting in the poll itself.  I think the Gentle Readers made good choices ~ these are at least some of my favorite posts to write, to be certain.

All of them, I notice, represent a big chunk of writing.  The two 10,000 word posts, the Preparation and Petard posts (both 7,000 words+), the posts that were the start of a string of posts, all demonstrate that the argument tl;dr is not part of the lexicon of my readers.  You like a lot of writing.  I will remember this in the future, particularly since most of the longer posts on this blog rarely yield more than two or three comments.

It has been an educational experience.  I believe that next year around this time I will encourage readers to make a list of 2017 posts, then see if any of those challenge the top ten already posted.

Thank you again.  I'm going to think now about what else I can write.


Vlad Malkav said...

Hello Alexis,

I can't speak for anyone else, but you're right, I really like your long posts, but they cover so much that usually, there is not much to add in the comments ^^ . Concerning strings of posts, that's somewhat different, of course, but those tend to keep us waiting for the next one so maybe there isn't much commenting there either ^^ .

Oh, and I haven't got the time to dig in your post on Stavanger yet (been following both campaigns though), but I'll soon - expect questions.

Be well !

Pandred said...

Same thing I've always said, it feels like a waste to type "awesome!" at the end of every post, but pretty much every series is why I've habitually kept up with this blog for a truly unreasonable number of years(!).

Alexis Smolensk said...

It is NOT a waste of time to type "awesome."

Is it a waste of time to applaud after a performance? Would a theater performer feel content at hearing dead silence, thinking, "Oh, they liked it. They just didn't feel the need to express it."

I see other blogs with people getting applauded all the time ~ for writing what I would consider derivative shit, I might add. Apparently, I am somehow exempt from this process.

Don't take it too hard, fellas: just today, I am feeling aggravated by a number of inconvenient disappointments.

Tim said...

In that case, I definitely want to give some applause. I'm glad you went through with the idea and I'll be checking the blog daily for new content to rival the top ten for years to come.

Samuel Kernan said...

I will keep reading through those 54 posts as I have time. It was great to see what other people find essential, and I think that a yearly reader retrospective would be great!

Drain said...

I made an effort to power through the 54 posts on display in order to get an honest vote on the matter.

Panned was your whole worldbuilding angle, which made the task considerably easier.

I also didn't vote on any of your 10Ks/longer articles deliberately, reasoning that they've since been turned into book substrata and for being such obvious choices, electing instead posts that struck true and were representative of what made you indispensable reading for me, even as I recognized the differences as to how you approached the game.

I still ended up with 15-odd posts and difficult choices to make.

So thank you, Alexis.