Saturday, August 15, 2015

Map Key

I just have a few minutes before getting my campaign started.  I finally completed the map key for my elevation maps, such as this one here, for those who may be interested.  Much more involved than might be expected.  I've given the code for red (R), green (G) and blue (B) microsoft color formatting for those who might wish to duplicate the scheme I use for designing their own maps in Publisher.

Sorry for the blurriness; but see the link above.
The wiki gives it plenty of clarity.


Carl Nash said...

Nice - when you posted the collection of links to your maps to date recently I was thinking to myself that the maps needed a key.

Have you posted any random encounter charts by terrain type and/or elevation corresponding to the key? I looked on the WIKI but didn't find anything with the obvious keywords (encounter, random, etc.).

Alexis Smolensk said...

At present, I have no encounter tables that I use. Here are some thoughts I had on encounter tables last year. And another from back in 2010.

BaronOpal said...

I really appreciate this. I'm interested in your map making processes, and the color key is very useful to me. Thank you.

I take it that you didn't choose darker colors of brown for higher elevations because you wanted to keep your labeling as legible as possible? The purple is a surprise to be your highest, as is your lack of interest in water depth. I suppose that if sahauguinor other ocean adventures were important to your players it would garner more attention.

Alexis Smolensk said...

You're correct about darker shades of brown, Opal. I moved to purple because I have seen atlases (my favorite Rand-McNally, for instance) do it that way. It does seem to work.

You're also right about the ocean. If I ever needed it, I would probably do an ocean 'version' like atlases put out by National Geographic do.

Mark said...

Ha! Thank you for this. I have recently discovered your blog and have been scouring the last few years of posts to piece together a key to interpret your maps (and use as a basis for my own).