Saturday, August 22, 2015

Combat on the Wiki

Nearly two years ago, I made an attempt at codifying the rules for my combat system.  It did not go well.  There were problems with my language and clarity, leading to a number of misunderstandings and a loss of commitment on my part (see, it happens to me, too!).

It was around then, however, that I began to throw myself deeper into the creation of my wiki . . . and it was inevitable that combat would eventually become something I worked on.  And this seems to be the week that the inevitable got started.

I've been hacking at the combat system for several days now.  While it is as troublesome as ever, I must admit that being able to work through the wiki and not upon a linear document does allow for cross-referencing that, I hope, will enable greater understanding and more time spent on the little details that present themselves.  Moreover, I believe that the wiki will enable a greater flexibility in fixing language that needs to be clarified, much more than would a document in Publisher (my last attempt at rule-building).

Mostly because the images I add won't need to be carefully formatted every time the length of the text changes.

So, I am working away.  Like everything else, I will probably do this for a week or two before heading back to another half-done project . . . but that is how I work on my world.  I dig into some facet of the structure until I am bored with it, but I am careful to leave the work I've done in a condition where it can be picked up again when the mood strikes me.  This way, I'm not restarting a project over and over - I am slowly adding to each part, then leaving it rest while I recharge my batteries doing some other project.

I feel this is a large part of the reason my game moves forward - because I am always working at something and because I am always adding to work already done.

Everyone gets bored.  The trick is to arrange our boredom so that it remains constructive.

Oh, and please . . . if the reader sees ANY issue or error on the wiki, please do not hesitate to comment on it here.

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