Friday, July 24, 2015


So, last couple of days, been working again.  I've started shifts in a restaurant, gone back to cooking, something I haven't done in 13 years.  At nearly 51 years of age (much closer to 51 than 50), I am really feeling it; but it is nice to know that I actually can stand on my feet for eight hours without having a coronary.

Once my body begins to adapt, I'll be grateful.  Just at the moment, I'm thinking about trashing the cooking blog I started in the spring and starting it again, with a title like "An Old Man Starts Cooking Again."  If I'm serious about that, I'll have to do it soon, however, before the thoughts I'm having at the moment go out of my head.  

My feet hurt.

Getting ready for another shift tonight, don't want to burn too much energy writing.  For a while, each day will get work, until I turn that corner.


Maxwell Joslyn said...

What would be different in your approach with a new version of the cooking blog?

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'd write about working. Dreaming of a post right now.

Jay Murphy said...

Alex, I use your book every time I run. The book is very dense and I cannot do it justice, but I breath its essence while I run and some times I do real well, and other times not so much. But because of your instructions I do it better every time.

Best regards, Jay

Jay Murphy said...

This module sucked. But a wizard's tower is the ultimate DM nut to crack. Such a basic trope, and players are dying to loot a difficult target. It shouldn't miss. I wanted to love this module soooo bad. I hate when a corpreteeeee product leaves standing at the bus stop with incorrect change.

Oh no, wrong cut and paste. Your book has been very helpful with my current campaign.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Weird, Jay. Weird.

I am very pleased that the book is working for you. I worked hard to make it as dense as possible, to ensure that rereading it would continue to enlighten as more and more of the content made itself to the surface. I'm so glad to hear that this has been the case.

I beg you, make it Alexis. First it's Alex and then people are calling me 'Al.' We have to nip that in the bud.