Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Few Scattered Notes

Today I went to look something up on the Same Universe Wiki and the site appears to be done. I'm not sure if its because it is inaccessible, or merely because I can't access it. If someone wants to confirm that the site is dead, or can still be reached, they will find the link in the sidebar. Please let me know one way or another.

One more reason for me to be working on the wiki; so whatever time I have today, I'll be pulling that apart. I dislike the auto-arrangement of the site, so I suppose I'll start with creating a set of pages that can provide a rational index.

Everything starts with an index.

For those to whom it matters, I'm sorry I've left it off the agenda for so long.

Regarding the weapons/armor table from a couple of days ago, and a reference to the need to include horses, I think I have a solution to that. Civ IV doesn't have a very gritty set of livestock technologies - there's only animal husbandry, horseback riding, guilds (which gives knights) and military tradition (which gives gunpowder cavalry, too high up the line for D&D).

The trick to the community intelligence idea would be horse tactics ... archery, shock, ambush, skirmishing, etc. I've done the research, and I'll have a table for that up next week (planned).

Anyway, the online campaign is soaking up time this week, so this is all the post I have time for.


Kyle said...

The container that the website is in is turned off for some reason. They may be doing maintenance.

Maximillian said...

I found it to be down a couple of days ago as well.

Scarbrow said...

Still down? I hope yo had some backup

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, the old wiki is gone I think.

I had no material on there that did not exist elsewhere.