Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Italia Updated

I never did post a map of Southern Italy.

I've added in the corner of Tunisia that I hadn't done up until this last weekend.  Rounds out the map rather nicely, doesn't it?

Kingdoms of Naples, Sicily and Sardinia (all part of Spain - Brown);
Papal States (pink); Tuscany (bright yellow); Genoa (bright green);
The Ottoman Empire (pale yellow - top and bottom of page);
Other assorted small states in varying colors

And just for fun, let me throw in a map showing elevations:


Nicolas "Ungoliant" Senac said...

Nice !
I love your high resolution maps.

Alexis Smolensk said...

It's a pity Blogger won't show a better resolution than this. I saved this in 150 dpi; I've saved them in 300 dpi but it makes no difference. As soon as I upload them to blogger, they blur. This is the best I can achieve for online.

But thank you Nicolas.

Arduin said...

Do you have any plans to add more maps to the new wiki? I love these things to a preposterous degree, and would enjoy seeing more of them.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The wiki is annoyingly frustrating with files of this size. Each of those above is 1.5 megs and a proper 300 dpi is 6.0. The wiki has trouble with text (lol) ... so very annoying. I've made the decision to just post all these on the blog. We can talk about transmitting them by email perhaps, as you're an old subscriber.

Peter Robbins said...

Extremely well done. I may have to steal these occasionally for pointing out distances on my series on the Italian Wars. --> http://lairoflubidius.blogspot.com/search/label/Italian%20Wars
Again, Bravissimo on your Italia maps! (and all of them. I am running a local campaign roughly based on the Carpathian region of central/Eastern Europe - so may steal them for references for that campaign as well. - Peter Robbins