Sunday, October 23, 2011

Subscriber's Introduction

This is general information for the subscribers who have come onboard with my proposal.  You now have access to half a gig of materials which I've built and which have accumulated over the years.  This does not represent everything that I've done, or everything that I plan to put forward, but for the time being its a lot to poke through.  I'm going to be describing the tables in a series of posts that can be read here.  If you have questions, please address them here so that I can build up a popular FAQ for the future.  Obviously, if you have anything personal, you can still email me at ... but I'd be just as happy to answer general questions out in the open.

I'd like to say that virtually all of this material is in some state of flux, which me making changes on a non-regular basis.  I tend to work at something until either I dry up on it and need a break for awhile, or until a moment of inspiration hits me on some other project and I go rushing off in that direction.  I will try to outline what's missing, what's half done, and what I hope to do in the future ... and then as I update tables there should be some evidence of my working on those things.

Some of this material is dry, dull data that may not look very interesting.  I've included it so that it can be seen how A becomes B and is turned into C ... like the showing the math work example I gave in a comment a couple of days ago.  I've included my general information for both the maps and the trade tables; at present all the maps ... including many vegetation maps which are not online ... are up to date as of yesterday.  I am nearly finished India.  I only have the Bengal delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra to do.

Dropbox seems to work excellently ... so WickedMurph, if you're out there somewhere, I'll give you a 20% discount on a subscription for being enormously helpful in this.  It is appreciated.

I'm sure something else will occur to me, but right now I'm going to get started on table descriptions.

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