Thursday, October 20, 2011

Putting It Right Out There

Seems to me that there is little reason to wait.  If subscribers would like to jump on board with the offer made in the previous post, I will have time to start delivering material to you in some form this Sunday, October 23 - understanding that the data will be delivered in exactly the format and state that it exists at present on my computer.  I'm not going to spend time cleaning up things, though I will post upon each file so that the subscriber can understand what they're looking at and how it is applied.  I don't want to spend my life answering questions about how to use excel/publisher or how excel/publisher works, but I will explain how I've used it and what the various things are meant to accomplish and even how they might be altered by the subscriber for their own purpose.

Donations can be delivered to me using the "Donate" button on the right; please remember to calculate the surcharge for paypal.  If you want to pay me by some other means, you'll have to contact me through and work that out with me.

For those who don't know, and who may or may not be having trust issues, my name is Alexis Smolensk.  To the best of my knowledge most of the google references on the web do in fact refer to me, including my IMDb listing.  I hope not to encourage any stalkers, but you never know.

I am offering a piece of me for sale.  I am completely sincere.  I do not believe that anyone who has an interest in granular game design will be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend highlighting this post somehow on the blog so that it doesn't get buried beneath the many that are sure to come in short order.

Adam Thornton said...

How long will the offer remain open?

My wife is out of work right now, so I cannot spend $100 on this.

However, if and when she finds an adequate job, then I will likely have disposable income again.

Alexis said...


I have not at this time defined any window of opportunity. I expect that I will be giving it at least six months, as I will be sending updates to the four people who have already subscribed.

Methodless said...

Is this offer still available?

Alexis said...

Yes, this offer is still available, but I should qualify it. I have not been updating the available material every two weeks. I have been updating upon request - so you should be aware of that.

Eric said...

I'm in Adam's situation right now, but I'm still interested in this.