Monday, March 7, 2011

Wiki, March 7, 2011

Getting back on the horse is such a bitch.

Having been half dead, I still don't have much to show regarding the wiki.  However, there is an addition that's been put there by Anthony, who has taken me to task many a time on this blog.  He's put up some rules for Restoration period firearms, for those wishing to mix it up where weapons are concerned.  I believe he's having some technical troubles with the permissions to get some pictures up, so once you've had a look today, pop around again by the end of the week ... hopefully those issues will have been sorted out by then.

I have only four spell rewrites to offer: magic missile, melt, message and mount, all 1st level magic user spells.  I'll have more next week, and hopefully a wider range of materials for interest's sake.  As always, drop me a note if there's any particular rule you'd like me to work on.


C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

What would happen if rain were to be frozen? Would it simply create very small hail?

richard said...

Why not snow, I wonder?
Personally I would rule that you can't do magic on rain that's already falling because it's running water (this from European traditions of possibly ancient origin but anyway at least as old as Dracula). But it's not my game.

Alexis said...

If you applied melt to falling rain, it would not affect the surface area of the droplets, but a cubic area similar to the effect on snow. Therefore, the rain that was within 1 cubic yard per level of the caster would be turned to ice, but this is such a small amount that it would fall in a second or so and have no effect. It would quickly melt upon touching the rain-soaked ground, in a space of time much less than a round.