Friday, February 20, 2009

Delfig Kôlhupfer

STR: 8
INT: 10
WIS: 18
CON: 12
DEX: 14
CHR: 16

HP: 13
X.P. needed to advance: 3,251

Unlike the companions Delfig has fallen in with, he has not had a particularly exciting life. In fact, up until now, he has been something of a failure. He wishes more than anything to be great, to become an icon for thousands who would emulate his work, but here he is, 31 years old and only now out on his own.

He has a large family, his parents and grandparents still living. He has two older brothers and two older sisters. His father, a physician, anxious wished for Delfig to follow him into that occupation. But Delfig’s interest in singing and dancing has brought shame to his family in their home town of Munich. All of Delfig’s family have decided that he is wasting his life, and they now treat him with enmity and distaste. He, on the other hand, has turned his back on them, and chosen finally to commit himself to achieving greatness. Even if he has to steal it.

For much of the last six years of his life, he has been able to have the time to practice and yet pay his way by hook or by crook. And he has gotten quite good at it. Not only is he able to make things up on the cuff, and speak with passion, he’s tried his hand as a con artist and it hasn’t worked out half bad--he‘s quite well off, at present. He has never been in any serious trouble with the law.

Delfig is an extraordinarily handsome fellow, despite having ears too large for his head. He is remarkably large: six feet and 273 lbs. Even as a child he towered over his fellows; but if you think Delfig is big, you should see his grandfather.

Spending time in his father’s hospital has taught Delfig a thing or two about caring for the sick. He is able to increase the effects of a day’s rest for one other person or for himself an additional 1 hp per day, and he has a 3% chance per level of likewise healing disease or curing poison. During a plague of the blood that struck Munich, Delfig discovered that he was quite immune to diseases of the heart or the circulation. But he does suffer from poor eyesight. He suffers double the penalty for missile weapons at medium or long range, unless he is wearing eye-glasses.

The twenty-mile journey that Delfig has travelled from Munich to Dachau is the farthest he’s been from home his whole life. He was born on June 2, 1619.

He has 150 g.p. in his pocket.

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Anonymous said...

Heh. A hulking con artist who pissed off his family and is looking for the big score, somehow. Awesome.

His instrument of choice is the simple treble viol.