Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anshelm Helbelinc

STR: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 4
CON: 8
CHR: 10

HP: 12

Anshelm was born on November 7, 1628, to a fairly wealthy Catholic family of landowners who controlled extensive tobacco properties north of Krems in Lower Austria. His father had at one time been a monk in a Cistercian monastery in Vienna, who married Anshelm’s mother and came into her money.

The family home was a rambling villa where Anshelm’s four grandparents, his parents, his several aunts and uncles and siblings all live. Anshelm is one of five children, the middle child, with three brothers (all of whom work diligently as landlords in their father’s stead). Anshelm, on the other hand, was a very sickly child and never heeded the words of his elders. Much of his childhood he spent bed-ridden, as his poor constitution has resulted in several maladies: a ravaging skin disease which has made him never very attractive; a constant, painful inflammation of his joints and a weak stomach that has trouble digesting anything beyond bland vegetables and fruits, and heavily overcooked meat. He’s not made sick by the sight of blood, unless he’s meant to eat it. His father, incidentally, loves his meat bleeding rare.

His failed son is much of the reason why Anshelm’s father and most of his family have always treated him with complete apathy and a lack of any expectation. As a thief, Anshelm is largely self-taught; he set out the fix the inequalities of his nature by spoiling himself. His success was greatly improved by the early discovery that he was ambidextrous, and able to use both hands with equal proficiency and no combat penalties.

Still suffering from his earlier maladies, and a general hatred for others which has turned him into a spitting, nose-picking, cursing malcontent, Anshelm has nevertheless gotten stronger as he’s gotten older. At present, he swears that his quarter-pound a day addition to tobacco is the cause of this; an addiction he has been loathe to break. Without it, he feels much weaker and less able.

Now, at 22 years of age, Anshelm has left home, and found his way up the Danube valley into Bavaria. He is fairly noticeable wherever he goes, being a remarkable seven-foot-six in height and only 206 lbs. He has always been able to make this “obviousness” work for him, as being obvious he’s also often ignored by the very people he steals from. Having suffered so much in his youth, Anshelm actually has a 1 better armor class than the average—with his +3 dexterity bonus, he has a natural armor class of 6.

He has 200 g.p. in his pocket.

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