Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Tamara and I have completed our trip across Canada and parts of America, and are now safe at home.  The last day and a half, from Winnipeg to Calgary, went ordinarily, though we were quite tired and ready to be done.

My take on the trip is varied, apart from things I've said.  I'm certainly glad we went, despite not finding what we sought.  But after 19 days of continuous travelling, it's difficult at this time to be objective.  Mostly, it's just the old saw of home being the best place of all.  This is especially true in our case, since we're home four days ahead of our original plans, simply because we'd had enough vacationing and wanted to stop.

As I haven't delved into anything serious in nearly three weeks, I feel like an overcharged battery, ready to let loose on a long list of things.  I don't know precisely what I'm going to do next, though the Streetvendor's Guide will take priority.  Then it's certainly getting myself prepped for video podcasts, as I see this being a necessary step forward in drawing attention to my work.  Following that, some flotsam and jetsam here and there.  Last night, in a hotel room in Swift Current, I did some test work applying ChatGPT as a search engine for the Authentic wiki, and found it somewhat useful in suggesting possible sage studies and abilities.  It's really in how the system is used.

But for now, rest.  Just rest.


  1. What a journey!

    That's an interesting idea to apply ChatGPT to the sage abilities. I may play around with that also just to see what comes up.

  2. Thank you Sterling ... and I am now once again 5,000 km west of you.

  3. Glad you two have returned safely. Should you head west, perhaps we could meet up in Seattle. Then Stirling and I can wave to each other from opposite oceans.


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