Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Why is Alexis Leaving D&D?

As of now, although I'm not officially announcing that I'm leaving Dungeons & Dragons, I'm open to exploring new ways to tell stories and new systems.

There are a few reasons I'm interested in moving away from D&D.  Firstly, D&D can be a complex system, which poses challenges for new players.  Secondly, as D&D is owned by Wizards of the Coast, I've decided I may want to maintain my creative freedom without being tied to a specific publisher.  Thirdly, as I've already devised many parts of my own game system, I have a desire to focus on that moving forward.

While yes, as D&D remains the most popular tabletop roleplaying game globally, I might choose to continue using D&D to reach a broad audience and leverage the game's popularity.

This non-announcement is in no way intended to drum up meaningless controversy in the hopes of my getting more attention, or telling people more about my game world or my dependence on fan support, in the face of my growing irrelevancy as a commercial venture.


  1. Wait, Critical Role was D&D? Could have fooled me. XD

  2. I cant tell if this is a joke or not. Given that many of the rules you use significantly depart from the adnd manuals and you've essentially said that you refer to the game and dnd and rpgs as all synonymous....

    I guess its just hard to gauge your tone sometimes. This seems like a snide remark at other more popular people to me ?

  3. Oh, it's a snide remark. And everyone is more popular than me.

    Because I'm a D&D player, and my phone knows it, I get every bit of silly D&D news pushed in my face every time I use my phone to search google. Sometimes I need to push back. Yes, of course this makes me seem petty.

  4. Oh my god, tell me about all the DnD stuff. I can't even tell it I'm not interested given the options for why are like 'I don't like RPGs' or 'I hate fun', instead of one of the key nouns in the title of the video/article/turd soup.

    And never is anything with DnD in the title interesting, the stuff outside that title has some interesting stuff sometimes...
    Anyhow, vent over.

  5. Venting on this subject is permitted.

    Here's a strange bit of trivia, explained to me by my daughter. A month ago, right after my partner Tamara and I both got our new S23 phones, we were watching 1983's Educating Rita with Julie Walters (she was nominated for best actress for the role). Most people know her as Mrs. Weasley, as she played that part for all the Harry Potters.

    Anyway, we had talked that night about Walters' career ending in H.P., and the next day both our phones' ads were innundated with Harry Potter content. It was a bit coincidental and I mentioned it to my daughter - who explained that our phones were "listening."

    That's why the D&D stuff hits so hard. My phone listens and gives back what it thinks I want. And because the algorithm knows zip about nuance, it's all shit, as Oddbit says.


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