Sunday, June 17, 2018

Point and Click ~ Remaining Dev-6 Graphs

Father's Day and I am happily sitting at home working on projects that I love.  I'm not a fan of the day; I don't make my daughter cater to me, which puts her in the position of having to cater to her in-laws instead.  Which is a shame, but ... c'est la vie.

I'm completing the remaining knowledge tables that apply to regions with a 6 Development: animal husbandry, archery, mining and the wheel.  Here's the four of those things, all at once:

Animal Husbandry



The Wheel

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Vlad Malkav said...

I dig this a lot.
Also made me wonder what it'll be for more advanced levels - it really shape the vision of a civilization, and in a very usable way, so i'm ancious to implement it at the level(s) my game world is at.

Great work !