Monday, April 23, 2018

Grognard's Progress

I'm sorry, but there will be no podcast today.

The reader may remember last week that I edited a podcast for last week, only to find that the export file was corrupted. I said at that time that I would have a podcast ready for today, probably loaded last night.

This last week, I found out why the file was corrupted.

The editing program I was using, Videopad, was licensed to my old computer, the one I replaced with reader support this last December.  Unfortunately, when I tried to transfer the program's licence to my new computer, I found the license had expired.  I could still use it on the old computer, but unless I wanted to re-license the program for a fee, I couldn't transfer it.  The solution seemed to be, then, that I should just use the old computer for that one thing.

This last week, the old computer died.  Completely.

Again, work lost.  Leading me to think that I need to get out of my old ways and teach myself Audacity.  Which I am doing.  But ... I'm not familiar with Audacity like I am with Videopad; so it is going more slowly.  Editing is a bit like art; and I've been very comfortable using a system that I've cut hundreds of hours of video on.  I've just had a few days with Audacity.

So if you will all rest patiently ... I will get these troubles under control.

In other news, I have moved 1,116 pages from my old wiki to my blog wiki, over a period of 9 weeks.  It is difficult to ascertain how many pages I have left, because part of the copying process creates duplicates.  Less than 150 I am sure at this point.


I have an exact number.  I have 94 pages left to move.

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Pandred said...

Pretty tremendous progress! Looking forward to the completion of both projects.