Wednesday, February 28, 2018


As a reader pointed out to me yesterday, it's true. I haven't posted lately.

I've had the time.  I haven't had the subject material.  I have been steadily moving the wiki (171 posts so far) this past week and that is turning out to be an all day process.  Or, at least, when I stop, I don't want to do anything.

I'm stunned by how much material the wiki contains.  It is amazing how much I've included there since starting the wiki in 2013.  I had hoped it would be more popular ... but it has been wonderful as a tool for running games, for keeping my thoughts, for expanding ideas and so on.  Talking about moving it, however, doesn't make for a good blog post.

I haven't had time for working up some new project I can discuss, because I am working on the wiki. I had plans for the time off I was going to have, since my place of work in being renovated and I'm laid off ... but those plans were set aside when wikispaces made its announcement.  Without being able to work on new material, though I have lots of time, I have nothing to write about.

I haven't any new insights about character building or settings to offer.  I wrote a post about assessment of value in campaigns, but I soon found I hated the post so I deleted it.

This is me, dry as a bone.

I'm working on a post for the master-class blog, which I will post part of in a few hours on this blog.  Patreon supporters can read it now.  I talk about an experience I had where I was not such a great DM.  It's been a hard essay to write, but a worthy one.

I'm still recording podcasts.  I have my sixth one today.  Nothing is cut and ready to go yet.  I feel at the moment that I will probably launch in late March, perhaps in early April.  I haven't decided.

When I can think of something more worthy of writing that this post, which is just a downer, I promise I will go with it.