Monday, September 4, 2017

War in Heaven

What follows is a meaningful description of the causes and effects related to the war between angels led by the Archangel Micheal against those led by Satan, that ended in Satan's defeat and casting down into Hell and the Abyss. This is viewed within the game world as a real event that happened according to the manner in which divinity is created and made real.

Writing in the 15th century BC, the prophet Zoroaster proposed the ideal of cosmogonic dualism, arguing that the universe had been created by two demiurges, artisan-figures who together took complementary and conflict-driven roles in the mastery of all things. Zoroaster described these both: Ahura Mazda represented the sphere of truth, order, justice and light, which was a new describing of a much older god, El, who was the consort of the great mother goddess Ana. By the time of Zoroaster, El had already ...


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    1. Oh non, far from it ! That's a very nice one, giving precious insight into how things work in your world, and through that providing a reusable framework for other settings.

      I dig it a lot.

  2. Love the "thought made manifest." It's a notion I've toyed with for my games and writing; but with very few exceptions (a book that's still a bunch of random ideas) I've not been able to use it in a practical manner.

  3. When I go this far out on the beam, I'm usually looking for some kind of perspective. Dragging this bit from Zoroastrianism and that bit from Christianity, then this bit from Judaism, smashing it together with historical references and metaphysics, I'm plenty concerned that I'm going right up my own ass. In fleeting instances I feel like those guys putting together conspiracy theories about the freemasons, alien abductions and 9/11; and it creeps me out a bit.

    So when I put it up and no one gets back, well, it makes me nervous. I have to say something! I have to press the conversation a little. So I asked, "Too crazy?"

    It's just me touching base with reality.

    1. Makes sense. I think you've threaded everything together nicely for your own world cannon. Of course, I assume anyways, no mortal in your world thinks it works exactly that way, but it feels nice when you have something like this worked out. And I think you've worked it out quite nicely. I was working somewhere in towards this general idea of things, kinda if you squint real hard, and this will help me solidify what I want for my own world.

  4. Nah, mang, mashups like this are an upside of basing your game on the real world. In the same vein I'm sure you've got something cool kicking around for the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons, which plucks from the real history of those organizations.

  5. Thank you. I have a little more background for devils and I feel better about it now.


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