Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tech Progression

As an addendum to my previous post.  Here is my latest effort to simplify the progression in cultural entities (services, features, social forms and goods) from tech-5 to tech-7 . . . to give information that can be gained somewhat at a glance:


  1. Hm. I can see at a glance there are missing things; semi-domestication, gems, mining overall, probably more. And quarrying ought to be under economics. I said this was complicated.

    I'll have to fix it tomorrow.

  2. Are stone axes and wooden spears included in tech-5's clubs and javelins? And are tech-7 weapons made of bronze or iron? Just trying to wrap my head around what the levels represent. (Also, is this supposed to be a unified tech level or field specific? I'm not too caught up on this series)

  3. Tech-5 wooden "spears" have no heads, so they're javelins; you're right that the stone axe should be added to weapons. The tech-7 weapons are made of iron.

    While historically bronze came first, the system is meant to reflect cultures that co-exist in the present, so it seemed best to combine metallurgy, the development of bronze and iron founding into the same tech-level. Note, however, that this is low-grade wrought iron, not proper steel.

    Each tech is region-specific, the level of tech determined by the region's cohesion, education-level, globalization and culture. Or, rather, population density as a measure for those things.

  4. Nice, a usable table for inspiration and basing one's work, I like it !

  5. As you say in your first comment, Alexis, I had the same thought about domestication. Dogs were domesticated (or self-domesticated, arguably) in the upper paleolithic around the same time we developed flint tools and wall painting. Obviously they weren't being used for herding yet, but protection seems viable, even if only incidental to their hanging around the midden and barking at scavengers.

    As an aside, I had a real wtf moment when I saw "fencing" predating forts and walls until I realized it meant like building fences. I was picturing flaked flint rapiers for a second there.


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