Wednesday, February 22, 2017



  1. I like it. A series of these would be a nice addition to the blog.

  2. Good for a laugh, Alexis. My encouragements.

  3. I'd say "quite a new direction for the Tao," but actually the comic format seems a natural progression given all the work you've put into character and environment art. Has potential.

    A bit of criticism: I think the dialogue would work better if the DM's drone continued through onto the beat panel. The guy with the metal shield says "it could be important" in panel 2 and then the DM provides a counterpoint by going into even more pointless details than the bits of iron. Then, when you cut out the DM dialogue entirely in the final panel, it's even more obvious that he's just background noise and the players have stopped caring -- reinforcing the "start a campaign" dialogue.

    (counter-argument 1: keeping DM dialogue in panel 3 might negate the effect of it being a beat panel for the characters' conversation. argument 2: perhaps having the DM's voice cut out altogether starting with the 3rd panel is a better way of showing the DM doesn't matter -- the players have tuned him out and so the reader is not shown his dialogue.)

    Hope to see more of these.

  4. That was my overall instinct as well, Sofia.


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