Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lurkers Corner ~ Classic D&D

I have no particular comments to make ~ but for anyone who might have fallen away, the Juvenis campaign has just discovered they're in a dungeon.


Just an extra word on an effort I took up tonight to try to nail down the various issues with different armors that I use.  The descriptions for these have never been precise and there never has been a proper metric for how they're made and what they incorporate.  With the addition of CLO and the changes I've recently made to encumbrance, there always has to be some sort of push back for players that decide to load up on armor class.  I've unbalanced that part of my game a little with these changes.  Used to be, higher armor class meant moving slower.  I'm adjusting that now to a higher armor class tires the character out sooner and starts to cause damage, while pretty much enabling combatants to move faster while wearing heavier armor.

To get this properly set in place, I need to know precisely what those armors are now, so players can make a choice that fits their needs.  The amount of exhaustion they feel has to match the improvement of armor class to make the game experience measured.


Scott Stringer said...

Yes! YES!!

I'm re-reading The Dungeon's Front Door (very nice work Alexis!) - so I'm eagerly reading these posts. I can't wait....

James said...

I was away for 2 weeks, so only just catching up. I stole the start of the first Juvenis campaign battle (the player characters needing to coordinate entering an area one by one while being attacked) in my own campaign to great effect.

I'll be curious to see your armor. The CLO idea was a revelation, one I am sure to use at some point (I have been trying to figure out a way to make temperature matter).

Pandred said...

Man, I'm just glad I have a reason to ever bother looking at Ring Mail, frankly. I mean, I won't, because the encumbrance and the higher cost make me feel like waiting for Chain is just better.

But at least Ringmail has a reason to exist in my mind.

I've had a question that's been itching at me for a little while, so as long as you're updating your arms/armor for the wiki this seems like a good time to ask: how do you envision the single-handed spear and shield combination of something like, say, the Greek Hoplites under your weapons.

Polearms are all two-handed, but for the javelin, but the poor javelin is hurled only!

I definitely have no ulterior motives, and am certainly not envisioning equipping a reverse-Varangian guard to terrorise my foes with kickass Phalanxes.