Saturday, October 15, 2016

Picking Up the Ball

My first running in five months . . . in a strange place . . . trying to remember where the thread of the campaign was and picking up the momentum again, getting the party immersed . . .

Went pretty well, apparently.  I'm in a bigger room than I used to be in and I was able to pace.  Reminded me of the years when I ran at the university in a big lecture theatre where we were able to use the table at the front of the class and the blackboard, so long as we kept it clean and wiped the board afterwards. In those days, I used to walk up the steps and preach my game to the ceiling, enjoying the acoustics.  Frankly, until tonight I had forgotten that memory utterly.  It had just slipped away from me.  We only played in that space three, maybe four times.

I've played in many odd spaces.  I've been able to control my own for years, only just recently lost it because of financial troubles.  Playing in my daughter's space right now; she let me make it mine and it all worked out.  I'm feeling a sigh of relief right now.

Glad to know the old boy still has it.


  1. I know how important having a good space can be to a successful running. My favorite space so far has been a conference room in my old community college, that had a long table with a whiteboard at the head of it. As much as I tend to enjoy an opportunity to sit down in a comfortable chair, there are times when being able to walk around (or at least pace) helps jump-start my thinking.

    Good to hear that you've been able to get back into the groove!


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