Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Place for Harpies

See the updated version of this image on this post.  I had an error occur
after I had made this.

This took less time than expected: about five and a half hours.  But I had help; I used this art by Bogie-DJ as a template.

The setting is for the keep in the sky that I spoke about a few days ago, involving an unknown number of harpies.  I've posted a clear version above but for the game I need to overlay it with a hex map:

5 feet per hex

I can't say too much about it because this adventure hasn't run yet (it runs a week Saturday - I have the other party the day after tomorrow).  I can say that the large black circle is a well, through which the ground (about 2500 feet below the floating keep) can be seen.  The red/brown patches are dried blood and the yellow detritus are bones.  Beyond that, I guess the rest of it can be guessed at.

Two levels below this to create.  Looking forward to running this adventure.

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  1. Harpies are vicious bitches and I've tried to make them into true nightmares for players over the years. Note, that's "players," not their characters. 'Course, I don't think I've ever used more than three or four in a scenario...your 10-50 harpy lair sounds beastly.

    I'm extremely curious to know how the wax in the ears holds up.


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