Monday, December 7, 2015

Alexis' Whole World (so far)

Ages ago, in 2011, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I published a map of my world, completed to that time.  I've tried to update that map, but blogger didn't have the memory to let me post a decent image that big.

But they just recently changed their formatting with pictures, so I've put this together, hoping it would fit on the blog.  It does!

99% of my present completed world, on one map
(a few edges are cut off)
Such fun.

A fairly decent, albeit blurry version of the map can be seen on the wiki, by clicking the map there.  I simply haven't the computer power to produce a map of this size any clearer than this - with it being 20mb in size.  It does look infinitely better on the blogger than it does opening it in your browser.

I wish the reader could see the map as I see it.


  1. This is great work! I always wondered, and this may have been answered back in ye olde 2011, but is there a high-res version of this map? I know that deviantart's is a fantastic tool I use to upload my large maps!

  2. Before converting the file to png, it is 166 mb in size; my poor flimsy computer can't manage to make a clearer png of that (all in one piece) than the one shown.

    The high res versions are all individual maps, all visible on the wiki (click the "See World" link at the bottom of the wiki page given above).

  3. I love these maps close up during play, but they are goddamn gorgeous zoomed out like this. Your color scheme is really top notch.


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