Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Kingdom of Hungary

Sorry I haven't more than this to offer right now; I've only just completed the map and added it to the wiki.  I'll be working on a description (and breakdown of the individual divisions) for some days, perhaps for a week, depending on how detailed I get and how my new position goes.

Pretty, ain't it?  A sharp, close-up image can be seen by following this link to the wiki and then clicking the image.  As I say, keep an eye on the page (and links thereof), I'll be updating it steadily.

Hungary in 1650 is such an interesting shape; it is best to view it's plight as a shield that Europe used against the Ottoman Empire, controlling the lands inside the crescent - in effect, Hungary bent back on itself after the Turks drove the people back and back and back.  This line was a battleground for nearly 173 years (thereabouts), made defensible by the mountain ranges that formed the spine of the northern Carpathians and the eastern Alps.

Anyway, just posting it here to keep the blog alive another day.  I'll be working on the wiki until I have to quit it in order to set up for tonight's running.


Finished the front Hungary page.  I'll be working on the eight divisions now.

* Actually, I'd utterly forgotten that some 13-14 years ago I had written out an extensive history of Hungary; I had been on a jag of doing that before joining the internet.  I was only just reminded that I'd created that - took me about half an hour to unearth the old computer tower that had that data.  So I'm updating the Hungarian history considerably.


JB said...

Another great one. Makes me want to revisit Franz, the Hungarian assassin.
; )

Vlad Malkav said...

Very, very nice wiki article. The History rush is creeping in my veins :P