Sunday, January 4, 2015

Picking a Side


Truth be told, I deeply dislike Anita Sarkeesian.  This is true of anyone who simply refuses to do the research - or who rides upon the half-comprehended scholarship of other people who refuse to do the research.  There's nothing particularly special about Sarkeesian that wasn't present with McKinnon or Steinem back in the day - or a host of other similar pundits who let similar poorly conceived scholarship find its way to paper . . . and just for the record, I feel the same way about the poor (yet extremely popular) scholarship of Michel Foucault, John Ralston Saul or Marshall McLuhan.  Adored by all, yet curiously without any useful work built upon their oh-so-brilliant theories.

I won't bother to argue that my dislike of Sarkeesian has nothing to do with being a woman.  Who the fuck would ever believe me?

My position merely needs to be made before saying that I agree with this.

I do.  The number of things is a bit repetitive, to stretch it out so that the magic number '25' can be achieved, but I didn't find a single thing in the video that I could state was untrue.  I am not, have never been or ever expect to be attacked because I am male.  There are a lot of negative comments still to be found on this blog, and quite a lot of opinions expressed about me elsewhere, but I'm quite sure none of them are attacking me because I am a male.

There are a few that argue that I'm 'less than a male,' but that sort of proves the point of the video, doesn't it?  That the most hurtful thing that anyone can say about a man is that he isn't one, really.  That he is woman-like.

Well, that's all I have to say.


Alexis Smolensk said...

An excellent examination of gamergate.

Ktulu said...

Spot on. I don't have any opinion toward her, either way, but that list is spot on.

BaronOpal said...

Thank you very much for that, Alexis. It was illuminating.