Tuesday, September 16, 2014


An excellent review from Goodreads.


  1. Alexis, I'm not familiar enough with you to know if you're interested in hearing this, but I've purchased your book and have made it most of the way through it.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I often comment at That Site, and I suspect that's an instant disqualifier; I harbor no illusions that this comment meets your moderation criteria, but I presume you'll at least read this in your filter.

    This obviously isn't a review posted to a review-heavy site, so I didn't even flail at objectivity and I didn't edit. I don't do anonymity and if you'd like to take issue with anything in the comment or in general, I can be reached at charlesscottdriver@gmail.com.

    I posted the following in the comments section of that site:

    "I bought Alexis’s book and am reading it. I like it so far. If I were working on a serious worldbuilding or campaign project, I’d find it very useful and I recommend it for that. It’s obviously not a literary masterwork but that’s not what’s on the tin.

    "(Disclaimer: As usual, I’m a contrarian who enjoys his blog. In real life he’s probably an interesting guy to hang out with. I confess a 'YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM FASCINATES ME' impression of some of the things he types.)

    "Anyway, it’s unmistakably Alexis’s voice, so if you find him insufferable, or dislike self-congratulation and a light patina of manly affectations and Real Talk, you might not be able to deal. But you knew it was a rattlesnake when you picked it up.

    "There are precious tics like 'gentle reader' that make me twitch but whatever. Nothing deal-breaking. So far no weird tangents.

    "So, basically, you should check it out if you have any application for GM advice … strikes me as an actually good version of that Robin Laws book from a while back. It also gets points for being a self-published gaming book without any shitty art. I have no idea if it’s been “pirated” (lol) and posted to any of the usual places (a practice I HATE btw), but there’s a sizable excerpt on Amazon.

    "I will now pass the talking stick for any questions about the book or just any old thing."



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