Monday, December 24, 2012


Funny thing.

About half the time - and particularly with players in my online campaign - I get a definite opinion about where they'd like to be born.  Egypt or Persia or something around the Baltic or the Western Mediterranean ... and there is a strong disappointment when it turns out they're born nowhere close to where they'd like to be.

Now, badmouth my use of the real Earth if you will, but when was the last time any of your characters cared where they were born?


  1. As a DM it's very important to me to know where a character is from--that provides key information to use for plot ideas. When I'm a player I always make sure to pick a home town or region to build into the character. But I always have to push my players to pick an origin for their characters.

  2. It matters if it impacts how the rest of the world reacts. If the people is slobovia don't care for lumbermeckians it isn't going to be and easy road making a living and gaining power in slobovia for a lumbermeckian.


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